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There are some basic coffee facts to know


The highest quality coffee beans that are low in caffeine and cidity. Arabica beans grow best in high altitudes and are the kinds of beans Colombia grows exclusively.


Robusta beans are grown on trees that can withstand a lot more climatic changes and temperatures than arabica beans. The beans have twice as much caffeine and are higher in acidity than the arabica beans. Coffee made with robusta beans are generally less expensive and a low quality of beans, compared to others.


This is the highest quality arabica coffee. Colombian coffee beans are “washed”. This is a process that purifies and de-acidifies the beans. It gives the coffee a richer taste and stronger aroma.

The kind of bean used as well as temperature, climate, and location of the bean makes a difference. An arabica bean in Colombia will make a different tasting bean than an arabica bean from Kenya.

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