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Benefits of Having Office Coffee Machine

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There are major staples in an office. Phones, computers, and coffee machines. Every office has a coffee machine. One of the best options for an office is to have a bean-to-cup office machine.

Why Every Office Needs Fresh Coffee

Fresh coffee is a necessity in any office. It welcomes guests and shows employees that you appreciate their work. Even if your office has hot coffee, when it comes around 10 o’clock, that coffee is starting to get stale. This is when it can become borderline offensive.

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Why You Should Have Bean-to-Cup Coffee in Your Office

Bean-to-cup coffee machines offer the freshest coffee without having to go to a coffee house. Beans are ground just moments before the brewing process starts. This does make for fresh coffee, but it also starts with the beans.

Fresh Roasted

Having the beans freshly ground before brewing is the best thing since sliced bread. The only problem with this is if the beans are not freshly roasted. Expresso Office Coffee regularly freshly roasts it beans so you will always have that taste like no other.

Proprietary blend

There are many places that have their own blends. It could be your local donut shop or coffee house, there is a reason why you get your morning coffee from there. This holds true when it comes to the coffee served at the office. 


Everyone remembers the experience they have when visiting a business. When the coffee is unique, it makes it more special. When they conduct business in their favor, they will always remember that perfect cup of coffee they had there. 

Our cost comparison tool can help you decide which is your best choice for office coffee service. Try our calculator and see for yourself. You can also call or contact us and speak to a live person. Our coffee is a proprietary blend and roasted freshly. We don’t deal with long-term contracts just to show you confidence in our service. Our machines can replicate all of the most popular styles of coffee available. We are more than happy to answer any questions about choosing the right office coffee service for you and everyone else.

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