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Most people drink coffee almost every morning to give them the energy to take on the rest of the day. Although some are familiar with the process of making coffee, most people remain oblivious of how or why this black water ended up in the cup. The coffee we drink is made from coffee beans (duh) which need to undergo an extensive process to create the final product. Although the steps may have variants depending on the type of coffee being prepared, the core preparation remains the same. There’s a minimum of five steps to get it transformed from a coffee bean into the bitterly delicious liquid we drink. Take a look at the steps below for a brief explanation of each.

Coffee Beans

The first step is to the right coffee bean. Coffee is usually grown in high altitudes with mild weather. The process of picking the correct bean is very important. Hand harvesting the correct coffee beans is considered an art form. A ripe, fully grown coffee bean is usually plump and red. The key is to pick the ripe coffee beans without hindering the green coffee beans or branch.


If you are familiar with chemistry you remember heat can change chemical and physical properties. When coffee is roasted it goes through a chemical and physical metamorphosis. The coffee beans change colors; first to yellowish tone, then light brown and finally to the dark brown bean we are used to. In addition the bean doubles in size and suffers changes in density as well. The roasting can be carried out by common kitchen equipment like frying pans and grills or can be roasted using specialized equipment.

Espresso Myths


This step may also be called coffee milling and is carried out so the coffee bean is easier to brew. The brewing process is very dependent on the fineness of the grind. The finer the grind is, the less time and coffee it will need to produce the same flavor as coarse coffee. Some coffee fanatics purchase residential grade grinders and grind their coffee immediately before drinking it.


There are several ways to brew coffee which are categorized by the method the water is introduced through. There are four main groups or ways to brew coffee. The first one is called decoction, which basically means boiling the water and introducing the coffee directly into the cup or mug with the water. The second is called infusion which is carried out through steeping. The third way is called gravitational feed and is used in methods such as drip brewing.  Lastly coffee can be prepared through pressurized percolation as espresso coffee.


Although not all coffee preparation required filtering, it is almost a norm to filter certain types. This can be done by using a coffee filter and assures you will not be drinking any debris or coffee bean leftovers.

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