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There exist many coffee types and different preparations all over the world, and coffee has become a cornerstone of modern society because is a very versatile product that can create different coffee types. It’s human fuel that helps more than half Americans over the age of 18 get through their days. A huge part of coffee’s popularity can be credited to its versatility.

You can prepare a number of drinks based off of coffee or that use coffee as one of its main ingredients. Once coffee beans are picked, roasted and grounded they can be transformed into a number of drinks that cater to most people in one way or another.

French press Other Coffee Types

Also known as a press pot, a french press is a machine patented in 1929 by designer Attilio Calimani in Italy. It comes from French origins, hence the name, and has become a popular coffee preparing technique commonly found in coffee shops around the world to prepare different coffee types. The French press required coarse coffee grounds, which are placed in a cylindrical container with boiling water and left the brew.

A plunger equipped with a filter at the end if pressed down to separate the coffee from the grounds. The coffee is usually poured into another container to keep a mild flavor or is kept in the cylindrical container until it becomes dark and very bitter depending on the user’s taste.

Coffee Types: Espresso

A relatively new technique, espresso coffee may be the most popular brewing method in modern coffee shops. Although drip brew continues to dominate in houses, espresso is a huge commercial success because it serves as a base to create numerous other coffee types.

Espresso is prepared by forcing a small, highly pressurized amount of nearly boiling water through finely in ground coffee, resulting in a thick coffee concentrate that can be drunk alone or combined to make lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, mochas, and Americanos. It’s made with an espresso coffee maker, a machine specifically designed to make espresso coffees.

Cafe bombon

This particular coffee preparation is very popular in Spain, and it originated from a Southeast Asian version called “Kopi Susu Panas”. It was adapted to European taste, as the modern version calls for a 1:1 ratio of espresso coffee and sweetened condensed milk. The result is a very sweet, thick coffee concentrate, usually accompanied by some sort of sweet pastry.

Cortado One of Our Favorite Coffee Types

Cortado Coffee is a popular form of coffee preparation which involved mixing an espresso and warm milk to make “cortado” or “cut” coffee. It’s very popular across the United States, Nordic European countries and all of Latin America. It is known with different names and has sub-variations which include mixing it with condensed milk or milk foam.

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