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Espresso Myths Need Busting

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Espresso Myths that need to be Busted Now

Espresso myths are everywhere there are so many myths associated with this flavored morning beverage when is actually more simple than it seems. Most of the people truly believe that espresso coffee must be dark, bitter, and caffeinated. But these are what we like to call as “espresso myths”. In fact, this coffee kind can be perfectly made from any coffee bean type since espresso is a brewing method and no a type of bean as many people believe, well there are some that better than others, but that is another topic. Maybe it could be the topic for our next blog post, what do you think? Today Expresso Office Coffee has brought a post on these myths completely revealed, hope you enjoy!

Magical Crema Espresso Myths

Crema is an important and definitely beautiful part of espresso beverages, unfortunately, it is not as magical or delicious as many people actually believe. The crema myth is completely full of hole, basically, the espresso making process is extremely important, and is tied with the actual taste, and most importantly to determine a good espresso shot development. Why? Because there are good tasting espresso shots that have thin crema, but at the same time there many more with bad tasting blended with thin crema as well. The magical crema espresso myths have been busted; its good taste depends on the preparation making process and the art of the barista itself.

Another Espresso Myths; the God Shot

Let us tell you this right now; we are sorry to be telling you this but the perfect espresso shot does not exist. It is sad but true. This one is pretty wrong since we all know what goes into making a good shot of espresso, and every time espresso keeps getting better and better.

Espresso Myths Say You can make Espresso without an Espresso Machine

Espresso myths that say you can actually make espresso without an espresso machine are, unfortunately; wrong. This concentrated beverage has been designed to be made by inducing extremely high pressure so it can push water through a finely compacted ground coffee. Find out more on proper espresso machines.

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