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Before starting a working day we all have the habit of enjoying a good cup of hot and fresh coffee, no matter if we are alone or in the company of others. Most of us don’t have the time to enjoy this pleasure at home, for this reason, every office should have a good coffee machine that can allow you to have a great office coffee without regrets. And why not, we should be able to enjoy more than one cup of coffee a day!   In the morning to wake you up, during a meeting and after lunch to take the second pace at work; any time seems to be a perfect excuse for a perfect cup of coffee at the office. Coffee activates our sensations and potentiates the pleasure of a good company. Coffee is synonymous with encounters, meetings, and breaks with colleagues and customers, making the moment conciliatory and friendly. The benefits of coffee outweigh the harm. Coffee is not only a stimulant and powerful to our brains activity, it keeps us alert and improves various aspects such as memory and mood.

The Right Office Coffee

Having the right office coffee increases energy levels, reaction times and cognitive function overall. This set of benefits are the ones that make us work better. In fact, studies have proven that taking a coffee break at the office decreases stress levels among staff which promotes mental health. This informal and spontaneous moment serves to release tension, discuss difficult cases with colleagues and ventilate resulting emotional tensions of stressful situations and crises that should be resolved. These spaces foster creativity and good working relationships, which guide a respectable work environment. All of them are good reasons to have a small time for office coffee. But like everything, the consumption of coffee should not exceed the portions, which is why most experts recommend no more than four cups a day. But they advise that taking between two and four cups a day, can be a great source of health and it can increase productivity. Coffee is present in everyday lives. Coffee certainly improves our performance since caffeine increases levels of adrenaline and prepares our bodies for an exceptional physical effort. From today on you should try to include in your daily diet for at least two cups of coffee. It is important to consider that a happier workplace is a more efficient workplace and the cost of a cup of coffee for your staff could be small compared to the savings in efficiency.

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