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The Best Office Coffee Machine for Your Business​

Picking an office coffee machine for your business may seem like an easy decision; however there are several factors to consider, including office size and space available. When looking at all of the options to consider, it can be a little overwhelming.

Expresso Office Coffee offers various machines for all types and sizes of businesses. All of our gourmet coffee machines use fresh beans that are ground at the time of brewing. Fresh beans taste better and stay fresh longer than other types of coffee. Here is a breakdown of which of our coffee machines would be best for your size office.

Small Businesses

A small business can range anywhere from 15 to 100 people. For a small business, there isn’t a need for a large capacity coffee machine, but the quality of coffee is still important. Everyone would like an espresso or cappuccino at the work place right? The Coffemar Bluetec G23 gourmet coffee machine is perfect for small offices with a 150 cup capacity and the ability to make both espresso and cappuccinos. It is a tabletop design, perfect for small counters.

Medium Size Businesses

For medium size businesses with 100 to 225 people, the Coffemar Bluetec G23 also is the way to go. With a 230 cup capacity and more 8 drink selections, your employees can enjoy a creamy whipped cup of hot chocolate or even a smooth foamy cappuccino. The Coffemar G250 is another option for medium size businesses. With hot and cold options, your employees will enjoy the quick stand up machine. It has a payment system already in place.

Large Businesses

The Coffeemar Bluetec g546 gourmet machine is the ultimate machine. With a 500 cup capacity, all of your employees will be able to enjoy a hot espresso. These stand up machines are perfect for hospitals or companies with 500 employees. It has a payment system already in place and a 25 liter water tank kit.

What is the Best Office Coffee Machine for Your Business?

Whatever the size of your business is, we have the office coffee machine just for you. Tabletop or stand up, our gourmet coffee machines can fit anywhere. Impress your clients and employees with a new office coffee machine and improve your office environment by making your employees happy.

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