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The Health Benefits Of Coffee

There are many benefits of that cup of joe. Here are some you might not have though of.

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The Health Benefits of Coffee

There are many reasons to drink coffee (within moderation). Yes, it is a good way to get started in the morning or just a quicker, picker up when you need it during the day. Many of the benefits are health related.

Powerfull Source of Antioxidants

Green tea and cocoa are well know for their antioxidant powers. Coffee still has more antioxidant powers than those two. It develops even more as it is processed. These antioxidants are important for our physical health and even our mental health.

Brain Health

Coganitive decline is most commonly associated with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. In some studies, it is said that drinking three to five cups a day can help reduce this by increasing brain activity. By giving you a short memory boost, this can help to reduce the decline of our natural health.

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Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes can actually be reduced when drinking coffee daily. This is according to studies. It helps to protect insulin-producing cells and in turn helps to regulate blood sugar.

Liver Lover

Yes, it’s true. Coffee can help to reduce the chanpce of liver cancer. Coffee consumption has been linked to a lesser chance of cirrhosis and especially alcoholic cirrhosis. People that drink up to four cups have a lesser chance compared to those that don’t drink coffee on a daily basis.

Performance Enhancing

This might sound like a touchy subject, but it is true. It gives you more endurance and can alleviate fatigue. This allows you to exercise longer during your regular workout. It increases the fatty acids in the body and thus, increases indurance.


There have been many studies that claim that coffee can reduce depression. Heavy coffee drinkers have shown lesser signs of depression. It is not sure exactly how that happen, but the caffeine activates neurotransmitters that control your mood like dopamine and serotonin.

When it all comes down to it, coffee has many benefits. That is of course in moderation. Two to three cups of coffee is considered healthy. Although it all depends on the blend and the potency. One thing to keep in mind is to stay away from the sugar laden coffees from the chic coffee houses, black with little sugar is the best way. Expresso Office Coffee has the best blend to keep you in good health. Call or Contact us and we can answer any questions you have about office coffee service.

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