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What Makes for the Perfect Office Coffee Service?

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Choosing the right office coffee service provider should not have to be a difficult decision.

Choosing the perfect office coffee service provider is something that most office managers are going to have to deal with some point in their career. There are a lot of different companies out there and finding the right one can be difficult. Here we have some basic considerations to think about.


If you have been through this before, you will probably know how much coffee is consumed in the office. Along with the number of employees you can help to give the office coffee service provider a basic idea of how much coffee will be consumed. Even if you are not sure, they should be able to give you a basic example. You can always try our cost comparison calculator for a better example.


Of course this is a big deal. If you are not providing the best coffee to your employees it might show in theirperformance. Fresh coffee is a must in the office. Expresso Office Coffee freshly roasts our beans every three weeks. This is how we can ensure that our coffee is some of the freshest around. Nobody wants stale coffee.

Bean to Cup Difference

Because our coffee is freshly roasted and ground at the point of service, there is no waste when someone wants a fresh cup of coffee. Throwing away a half pot of coffee after lunch just to make a new one is a big waste of money. Being able to have a fresh cup at any point of the day can sve in the long run.


Everybody will accept your standard cup of coffee from the regular brewing process. It is different when the machine is able to brew several different types of coffee. This can also save you by not having employees sneaking out of the office for their cappuccino, espresso or any other type of coffee that a traditional machine cannot reproduce. 

What Other Services do they Provide

This one might sound tricky. Of course, they should offer other break room supplies. This includes things like sugar, napkins, creamers and other associated things. You just need to beware of companies that offer everything else like too many snacks and other items. This means that they are not a company that specializes in office coffee service. The quality of the coffee can be inferior because they are more concentrated in othe aspects.

Expresso Office Coffee provides the freshest coffee in Dade and Broward counties. All of our machines are fully maintained by us so there is never a worry about having to repair or replace a broken machine. We have our own proprietary blend that supersedes any other out there. Call or contact us and we can go over all of the benefits of having a bean-to-cup coffee machine. You can also have a quick look at the saving we can offer you by using our comparison calculator

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