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KREA Coffee Machine

Expresso Officee Coffee

Coffeemar G250

Lightened Panel

10" x 9.5"

Graphic Display

3.6" x 21/4"

Dimmensions 1.5kg

59" x 19.5" x 22"


221 Lbs

Water Supply

1/4" (Minimun-Maximun: 05-10 bar)

Power Supply

110V, 60Hz (Optional 220V)

Max. Power

1.100 watts


3,09 kwh/24 hours Stand By.

Characteristics of Coffeemar Bluetec G23

  • Pressure valve in the delivery group to maintain constant pressure throughout the delivery cycle.
  • Motorized water distributor without solenoid valves.
  • Aluminum boiler with resistance and encapsulated probes, without contact with water (avoiding O-rings and the creation of lime) and with a thermal insulating jacket, which improves the energy efficiency of the machine.
  • Mixing circuit car wash.
  • Product output and grinding group: manual or automatic (programmable).
  • Product selection using LED-backlit capacitive keyboard.
  • Manual glass positioning at two possible heights thanks to the folding base system.
  • Control the constant temperature in the water boiler.
  • Coffee bean grinding group (own group).
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance of removable elements.
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