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Discovering Cappuccino

Discovering cappuccino together, can this get any better?

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Welcome back to another great blog post from Expresso Office Coffee, today we will talk about Cappuccino. How much do you think you know about this kind of coffee?

Cappuccino is known to be a classic Italian coffee drink and one of the favorites in most coffee shops around the world. Basically, it consists of equal parts of espresso, steam milk, and milk foam, of course, there is no cappuccino without the foam, right? Although, nowadays millennial make it by pouring a shot or maybe two of espresso into a tall cup and end up by spooning that thick foam on to the top.

Discovering Cappuccino

Originally a cappuccino is a small drink, we are talking about 5-6 ounces, and yes we know other coffee shops tend to serve 16 ounces cappuccinos, but they are completely wrong. When discovering cappuccino you need to understand that is roughly a drink of thirds which means one-third of espresso, one-third of steamed milk, and finally one-third of foam. So you know the foam should not be over 1 cm deep, and it has to have just a touch of firmness. If you are making cappuccino at home then you are probably going to push the foam with a spoon, so it should not be so firm either so soft that it begins to spread out and turn runny. It always should peak up just a little bit, just remember to gently smooth back out!

What Else to Know when Discovering Cappuccino?

According to some people we know you have knowledge enough about coffee, cappuccino is a breakfast drink! According to their fellow Italians that this drink is to top off a meal with a cup full of indigestion, referring to foamy milk or cream, so it is usual to find some people drinking a cappuccino in mid-morning or in the middle of the day. Normally, you should not drink a cappuccino after dinner or even after lunch, is this is the case then better choose a short espresso.

We really hope you had fun discovering cappuccino with us, please Contact us if you any more questions!

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