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Surprising Facts About Coffee

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Surprising Facts About Coffee

Second to water, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. There are many benefits to having that cup of coffee when you need a pickup. There are also many surprising facts about coffee that many people do not know. Let’s talk about some of them that you might know already and some you might not know.

Bean is a Seed

This is a common misconception. We normally ask for fresh coffee beans (fresh roasted of course). The “coffee bean” is actually the seed from the coffee plant. It comes from the cherry of the plant. The main reason that most people call it a bean is because of its appearance.

Coffee Cherries

On the same subject, the seed comes from the coffee cherry. The cherry is actually edible and in some times and countries it is turned into wine. This could almost be considered an energy drink and too much could lead to bad decisions.



Espresso means “pressed out” which comes from Italy. This is why those machines press the coffee into the basket. It is also a predecessor to the “French press”. 

Low Calorie

Black coffee only has around one calorie per cup. If you are looking for a cup to get you going, don’t grab an energy drink full of sugar. Just watch the amount of sugar you will be putting into your cup every morning.

Living Longer

Coffee is full of antioxidants. It is one of the most healthiest beverages in the world. Just remember the more creamers, flavors, and sugars you put in can change all of that. The pure form has many health advantages.

You can Overdose on Coffee

This one is a little far-fetched. You can overdose on coffee, but you would have to drink a lot. Maybe close to the same amount of beer a frat boy would have on a binge. We are talking about 30 cups in a very short period of time. This is also true with most natural products.

Commodity Exchange

Apart from minerals (gold, silver, and other precious metals), coffee has always been a commodity in exchange markets around the world. Although this is mostly for developing countries, it is still something recognized worldwide. 

Decaf Still has Caffeine

If you believe that non-alcoholic beer has no alcohol, the same is true with coffee. Decaffeinated coffee still has caffeine in it. It is just the amount of caffeine is so minute that it kind of doesn’t count. 

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